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May 2013 'After Thatcher'

Apr 2013 'Is the church a club for virtuous and respectable people?'

Feb 2013 'A New Year and a New ‘Me’?

Nov 2012 'Handsome is as handsome does'

Nov 2012 'Questions'

Aug 2012 'Take care of the Golf Balls'

July 2012 'Sixty Years of our Queen’s Reign'

May 2012 'Meditations of Mother Teresa'

Apr 2012 'Grace and Forgiveness'

Mar 2012 'The Worst Place in the World to be a Dustman'

Sept 2010 'New school year, uni, training or maybe into a new job'.

Aug 2010 'One Man Bands'

Mar 2010 'Questions'

Sept 2009 'Double Standards?'.

July 2009 'Clearing the Tree Trunks!'