Baptism Enquiries

We welcome baptism enquiries from anyone living in the parish who wants to say thank you to God for their child.  Whilst most baptisms are for young children, we welcome candidates of any age – older children and adult candidates will need to spend some time preparing for their baptism.

Baptism services are held on the first Sunday of most months in our main morning Celebrate service. The service begins at 10am and is child-friendly.  We limit the number of baptism families at each service to two for practical reasons. 

We offer two different services.  Whilst most people opt for the baptism service, a thanksgiving service may be more appropriate for those who are not sure that they want to make the promises necessary in baptism – but the choice is yours.  The following information may help you decide which service is best for you:

Thanksgiving Service

This may be appropriate for those who want

  • The arrival of their child to be acknowledged and welcomed by the church
  • To express publicly their gratitude to God for the safe arrival of their new baby
  • To give their child an introduction to the church
  • To ask God’s blessing on their home and family

Baptism Service

This service is appropriate for those who want their child to become a full member of God’s church, and who are (along with godparents) committed to sharing the Christian journey with their child.  It may be right for those who want to:

  • Reaffirm their own Christian faith
  • Ensure that their child grows up as part of the church
  • Promise to pray for and with their child
  • Set a Christian example for their child

The Baptism service includes most of the elements of a Thanksgiving service and also:

  • Parents and godparents declare their own Christian faith, their decision to turn to Christ and follow him
  • The child is anointed with oil and baptised in water
  • Attendance at one baptism preparation session is required

To arrange a wedding or baptism  please email Churchwarden Mrs Eileen Bishop