St Barnabas Parish Hall

The Parish Hall is well situated. It's just by the church and has excellent facilities including lots of car parking, a large kitchen with double ovens for catering and there's not only a spacious hall, but also a pleasant meeting room too.

To hire the Church Hall  please email Geoff Tait    HALL CURRENTLY CLOSED DUE TO COVID REGULATIONS

Bournmoor Parish Hall


Karate Club meets in the Parish Hall on Fridays from 6:15-7:15pm for white belt to brown belt, and 7:15-8:15pm for brown belt and upwards.  New members are welcome - £3 per lesson.  For further information, please phone Vicki: 5101135. 

Chester-le-Street Duplicate Bridge Club meets in the Parish Hall every Thursday evening from 6:45 until 10pm.  We also meet two or three times a year on Sunday afternoons for matches against other clubs.  We have around 40 members and, on any given Thursday, there are usually 24-32 of us playing.  The atmosphere is friendly and informal, and we provide tea, coffee, squash and biscuits for our members.  The annual membership fee is £5 and we pay £2.50 a week subs.  We would love to welcome new members and, although we do not run classes for beginners, we can put anyone interested in touch with such classes.  For more information please email

Slimming World meets in the Parish Hall every Wednesday at 7 pm.  For more information please phone Jill on 07900 567653.  

Bournmoor Community

Our Parish Hall is well used by the local community, including our older population.

It's a thriving community that cares about one another.






Bournmoor Community


Local folk help out and provide stalls for us all to enjoy.

There's something at our Parish hall for everyone, no matter what their age.





Bournmoor Pizza party


And our young people have been known to enjoy the occasional Pizza Party!